Our Methodology
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Our Methodology

The LeapThree approach is simple. We add value to your business by focusing on the right activities for you. We won’t suggest the new shiny tools just because they exist – we’ll support you as you move to the next level. Our success will be visible in your increase in profitability, not the number of tools or reports.




We believe in our Customer Engagement Maturity Model, which maps out how companies use data to grow. It shows how organisations start gathering and analysing data, until they’re ready to use it to make predictions and build strategy with true integrated marketing. At each stage of the model you reach, you’ll have different data needs.

By focusing our actions on the stage you’re at, you won’t waste time and resources on activities that won’t benefit you yet. Many organisations come unstuck by trying to take on a level of data that they don’t have the team or infrastructure in place to manage. They end up overwhelmed by the data and more data does not equal more money.

By building a solid data foundation and becoming comfortable with the use of data, you can build your business and strategy in the right way. Then, as you build on this foundation and start using the data to inform your decisions and action, we provide support at each stage.

Our ideal working method is to partner with our clients, building them from a solid base through the different stages of data maturity. And when you’re ready, we’ll even help you hire the right internal digital analysts, so you’re operating as a true Data Mature company.

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