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LeapThree exists to help make the lives of people better. We’re a smart, passionate team who like to bring fun to the world of digital analytics. Laughter is central to our philosophy

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Michael has accidentally fallen in love with digital analytics and conversion rate optimisation. That love affair is now 16 years old. Some would call it a relationship. It all started when Michael spotted a small ad in the Guardian by a Dutch company looking for a new business development manager to sell a weird new technology called web analytics. Michael applied and got the job. Turns out he was the only one to apply! His passion for digital and using data to improve performance has only grown since that decisive day

It is that passion coupled with a constant desire to learn that drives Michael to constantly innovate.
He founded AEP Convert in 2007 to help clients utilise data to transform their digital business. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK providing both strategic and tactical solutions that deliver tangible results

Michael’s other love is the Digital Analytics Hub the premier conference for digital analytics and conversion rate optimisation practitioners in Europe and US. Over the years the conference has attracted senior practitioners from companies such as Argos, Nike, Google, BBC, TUI, eBay, Dell, ASOS, FT, Delta Air Lines, Microsoft and IBM that come together for this unique event to share experiences and learn new innovative solutions

Michael Feiner

In 2006 Peter stumbled upon the world of digital analytics and discovered a passion. His passion is driven by a simple truth – used appropriately digital analytics can transform organisations, help managers make smarter decisions and impact performance.

The look on clients’ faces at the point when they realise the power of analytics and insight is Peter’s catalyst.  His frustration is that most companies still do not maximise the potential value from their digital analytics and he makes it his goal to change that state of events.

Helping develop the analytics community is Peter’s other passion. In 2012 he founded MeasureCamp, the digital analytics unconference. From a modest start with 120 odd people the conference now attracts over 250 people in London twice a year. Off shoot events are held all over the global from Sydney to Madrid, Hong Kong to Prague; and in 2017 the US is joining the party with two MeasureCamps in San Francisco and Cincinnati.

Somehow Peter has also found time to co-found MeasureBowling, chairs the London eMetrics Summit, runs a monthly meetup and speak at other events around the world.

Not bad for a country boy from a small fruit farm in the countryside of Australia.

Peter O’Neill

Not many people know this, but as well as helping clients improve their websites, Gareth is also a keen guitar player. And whilst Gareth’s digital career dates back to 2007, his affair with the guitar stretches back much further

And like any good music track, Gareth understands that a great website is more than just a sum of it’s constitute parts. Great websites are harmonious; the content, structure and design working together to deliver a great experience for the customer. Changes made to websites – which have all the right intentions – can have unintended impacts on this harmony. Gareth works closely with clients to deliver optimisation programmes which are designed to improve the value of their website’s through making informed decisions

Gareth Williams
Senior Consultant

As often is the case with digital analysts, Thom was asked to report on the website performance because there was no one else to do it. Feeling initially like he drew the short straw he quickly changed his mind when realising the potential of this technology.

In 2010 Thom took some time away from digital analytics to explore other career opportunities. But he couldn’t really ‘shake the disease’. He finally returned home to digital analytics in 2014 setting up the analytics framework for the UK’s largest water company.

At LeapThree Thom focuses on building great foundations for his clients helping them transform data into insight and consequently actions that drive revenue uplift.

In his spare time, Thom enjoys board games, training his Springador Sadie and spending time with his family.

Thom Loveridge
Analytics Consulatant

Following a degree in statistics, Alex started her professional career as part of the SEO team at a digital marketing agency. Early on it became apparent that using Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics is far more exciting to Alex than SEO. So she made the switch to analytics. In 2016 she joined L3 Analytics where she got the opportunity to refine her knowledge and boost other aspects of her trade.

Now at LeapThree, she is finally content with the balance she gets between analytics set up, implementation and data analysis. She is also excited about the continuous opportunities to learn more about analytics, conversion rate optimisation and customer experience management.

Away from work she enjoys mountain biking at any weather conditions, playing percussion, dancing and finding hacks to fit it all into one lifetime.

Alexandra Fedulova
Analytics Consultant

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