Ayima to Acquire LeapThree Limited

Ayima has signed a Share Purchase agreement (SPA) to acquire 100% of the share capital in LeapThree Limited. Ayima is a market leading agency in SEO, PPC and content marketing. LeapThree will form Ayima’s dedicated analytics service proposition.


One of our key considerations in this process was cultural fit. We wanted to ensure the environment we enter and continue working in suits the one we enjoyed to date. During the eight months since we started talking to Ayima it became clear that not only there is a good cultural fit but there are many commercial opportunities for both parties working together.

LeapThree has grown rapidly in the past two years. At the same time we recognise that achieving future growth would require a significant partner that can give us the backing to achieve our targets.


All of the above makes Ayima the right choice for LeapThree given its culture, strong client base in both the UK and US markets, and its established technology infrastructure.


From our client’s point of view very little will change.

We will remain an independent team within Ayima, managed by the two LeapThree directors Peter and Michael.


LeapThree will be moving offices from Liverpool Street to Ayima’s Farringdon offices (effective August 1st).

Our new address is:

1 Lindsey Street

London EC1A 9HP


For any further information please email Michael at michael.feiner@leapthree.com