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Using Google Analytics to calculate the time to index content
I was recently running a Google Analytics training course for an organisation that, among other services, published news articles.  A question that was asked during this training was how could this company calculate the length of time it takes Google (or other search engines) to index their news articles?  That was a new question for me, not something I had ever thought of within a Digital Analytics context - it felt more like an ...
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Creating your Conversion Funnel in Excel
17/01/2014 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Conversion funnel diagrams are incredibly useful to understand how visitors go through your website to achieve a goal. Most Web Analytics tools provide reports to show the conversion rate between each key stage but they don't often show exactly the information I need. Therefore, when I analyse a new website, I love drawing up my own funnels. It helps to understand how the website works and can provide additional insights: ...
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The Basics of Regular Expressions for Google Analytics
Regular expressions, commonly known as regex, form the basis of much of my work with Google Analytics.  Quite simply, I could not do half of what I do without it. My knowledge is based on a lot of trial and error but it all started with an ebook from Luna Metrics for which I am incredibly grateful – This blog post is not meant to replace that ...
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20 Useful Google Analytics Segments
20/05/2013 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Google Analytics provides you with 13 default segments in their Advanced Segment feature.  These segments are pretty good and they do tick a few of the boxes for the segments you would use most regularly.  But for me, they aren’t enough, there are more segments that are relevant to every website which need be added to your toolkit. Below is a list of segments that I have set up within my GA login that I use with all clients.  ...
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Using Google Analytics to resolve issues
19/03/2012 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
This is an account of a business issue that was raised with me during a training course and a step by step run through of how we used Google Analytics to identify and fix the issue.  Unfortunately (but understandably) my client wasn't comfortable with sharing their confidential data so all details will have to remain slightly vague.  My apologies for this but I think you should still get the idea behind this approach. What is this ...
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Guide to Omniture SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder
03/06/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
While web analytics tools are useful for doing up to a certain level of analysis, at times you just need to get the data into Excel, whether for analysis or dashboards.  The best tool I have used for extracting web analytics data into Excel is the (Adobe) Omniture SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder. This tool used to be a bit shaky but following the latest update around a year ago, it is an incredibly intuitive and useful tool.  Omniture ...
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10 Tips for taking SiteCatalyst to the Next Level
25/05/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
My favourite session at the Adobe Omniture Summit EMEA 2011 was a panel based session for power users from Adam Greco, Jan Exner and Brett Dykes.  It was full of tips, tricks and ideas for extending the capability of SiteCatalyst and getting more value from it.  They explained potential approaches to resolving ten predefined questions and then took questions from the floor. I didn't always record the exact questions and answers, ...
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How Real Estate Agencies should use Web Analytics
13/04/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Like many sectors, any serious business working in real estate has a website these days.  And like any business operating in the online world, the intelligence from web analytics can be used to improve business performance.  There are two main types of real estate websites, the web presence of the real estate agents and websites that aggregate the content across multiple real estate agents.  For the purposes of this, I am only ...
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What caused the drop in sales?
11/04/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
That was the question I was asked last week regarding the performance of an online retailer.  There were three days of poor sales and my client wanted to know why.  I realised while investigating this that there is a standard process I follow. The first step is to confirm the drop in sales and which days were affected.  This is done by comparing revenue for the suspect days against the same days in the previous week, giving you ...
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How to Analyse Web Analytics Data pt 3
07/04/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
The first two parts of this series covered two key methods in analysing web analytics data, comparing performance against a set of reference numbers and trending data over time to expose patterns.  This third and final part covers segmentation, what I would commonly refer to as drilling into the data.  Writing on this does sadly date me to being nearly five years behind Avinash with my thinking.  As he has written extensively ...
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