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Defining Page Names for Google Analytics
One of the more frequent questions we receive from clients here at LeapThree is “Why are you wanting to rewrite all the page names, what is wrong with just using the URLs?”. It is something we feel is critical in the set-up of Google Analytics and this blog post is intended to provide the reasons why. By default, page names in Google Analytics are taken from URLs, just losing the domain name.  What appears to not be widely ...
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Understanding your Website Visitors: Prospects vs Customers
A key metric for most websites is their conversion rate. It is a measure of how well their website is performing but, as it is an average, it can mask serious issues. People who already know you and your website (as they are existing customers) are much more likely to purchase during a single visit than people just discovering your website for the first time. But the data you use is for both groups combined. L3 Analytics has ...
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A Powerful Use Case for GA Calculated Metrics
03/11/2015 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
By now everyone should be excited about the release of Calculated Metrics within Google Analytics. This has the potential to be yet another powerful tool for analysis, although it will only prove useful to companies who are investing the time and resources in a good GA set-up. As a bonus, it shuts down another line in the arguments between Google & Adobe Analytics. Details on how to create Calculated Metrics can be found in ...
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Generating Custom Dimensions from Page Names
22/10/2015 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I discovered a few months back that you can use Custom Dimensions within Google Analytics filters. This was great as it allowed us to created segmented Views based on session/user level custom dimensions (created using GTM via a Data Layer) for segments like Subscriber Traffic, Free Traffic, Desktop website and Mobile website. But I had an idea in the back of my mind and finally found an excuse to test it out a couple of weeks ...
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2 Unusual Content Groups
07/10/2014 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
We’ve been spoiled with all Google Analytics (GA) features released this year. At L3, we’re particularly keen on Content Grouping. After playing around with this toy for a while, I’d like to share a small tip about it. As a reminder, the aim of this feature is to categorise your content. It’s incredibly useful and I recommend everyone to set up their content grouping (see this guide from Justin Cutroni for more ...
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Accurate Sessions by Traffic Source
29/08/2014 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
Possibly the most annoying piece of “business logic” within Google Analytics (in my opinion) is that Direct Entry sessions are attributed back to the original traffic source.  I want to know what is really happening!!  I want to know if people are really coming from organic search, emails, affiliates, etc or if they are using remembered URLs, bookmarks, typing directly into the address bar.  But the acquisition reports in ...
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An alternative approach to GTM event tracking
27/07/2014 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
Google Tag Manager feels like it has been around forever and we are now at the stage where I (& many other consultants) will refuse to do a Google Analytics implementation without it (or an equivalent TMS).  But it is still very new, features are evolving and best practices are still being invented.  With that in mind, I wanted to share the approach we use here at L3 Analytics for tracking events in Google Analytics. I ...
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Tracking clicks within iframes with Google Analytics and jQuery
06/09/2013 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
A few days ago, I needed to implement Google Analytics click events within iframes. I was aware that “iframe tracking” often rhymes with “pain in the backside” but actually a few solutions do exist. One of my best finds was this great post from Doug Hall (Conversion Works): Tracking clicks on social buttons with Google Analytics It explains clearly why tracking iframe contents can be challenging. Social media ...
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Tracking Errors with Web Analytics
21/11/2012 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I have developed an approach to tracking form validation and 404 page not found errors that I now use with all clients. The insights derived have been used to fix issues with their websites, positively impacting on their bottom line. The instructions below are for Google Analytics but the same approach can be used with any web Analytics tool. Within GA, this approach requires the use of five page level custom variables. Yes, there are ...
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Using the Google Analytics Tax field for Transaction Type
05/08/2012 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I haven’t written a blog post for a while, some might call that lax but I will claim to having been too busy.  You might not have missed me or these posts in your inbox but I missed writing and sharing information.  In good news I have been busy with clients + setting up a second company to be launched soon + helping to organise the first UK Digital Analytics Unconference (MeasureCamp).  More details on MeasureCamp and my new ...
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