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Breaking down the Barriers to the use of Digital Analytics
04/08/2017 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
Way back on the 21st Jan 2015, I gave a talk at Superweek, up on the mountaintops outside Budapest.  This talk was inspired by my experiences in the Digital Analytics world and my frustration that so many of the problems faced appear common to organisations around the world.  I had even been able to take over an initial prospect discussion and complete the second half of their story, so familiar were all of the issues they ...
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5 extra Google Analytics tips, tricks & hacks
14/11/2016 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
Your first question should be extra to what?  It's always great to get five Google Analytics tips, tricks & hacks, its even better to get more of them so why are these extra?  Well I am speaking at the ObservePoint Analytics Summit this Thurs 17th Nov and there I am giving the first 25 Google Analytics tips, tricks and hacks. These are extra to that list. Quick little bit of background.  My original plan was to give 10 tips, ...
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Impacting Business Performance with Analytics – iLive Conference 2015
11/01/2016 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
iLive Conference 2015 At the end of last year I attended the iLive Conference in Riga where I talked about how to use analytics to improve a business’ bottom line. Overall, the iLive conference was a great experience. I was really impressed with the quality of presentations and the level of digital expertise shared across a wide range of digital channels, including SEO, analytics, social media, community building and ...
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Presentation – Analytics for Publishers
20/11/2015 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
L3 Analytics has worked with multiple publishers over the past few years, learning a lot along the way. Clients include Hearst Magazines (Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc), Euromoney, News UK and SciDev. From these experiences, we have developed a fairly standard approach around analytics for publishers, that provides the information they need to understand and improve their performance. The solution is customised to exact needs but we find ...
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See This, Do That Analytics
28/01/2014 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
“See this, do that” was a term first used by a client of mine. She was expressing the desire for the non-analysts in the company to have reports that were immediately and directly actionable. I had to explain it wasn't that simple unfortunately but the term has stuck with me since. Along with the questions - why isn't it simple? Why aren't analytics tools built around actionable reports instead of informative ones? It is an idea ...
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Google Tag Manager for Beginners – MeasureCamp #3
16/09/2013 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
Last Saturday, MeasureCamp came back with a third edition. I really enjoyed meeting other folks passionate about Digital Analytics. People were eager to share their knowledge with fun and we had loads of amazing sessions: I performed one about Google Tag Manager in the morning. The presentation was for beginners but there were people from a wide range of backgrounds in the room: digital analysts, consultants, TMS vendors, ...
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Campaign Attribution is Broken
16/12/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
I recently attended the Conversion Conference in London, thanks to a free ticket from Conversion Thursday.  It was an interesting event although my attendance at sessions was impacted by a request I received at the start of the first morning.  eMetrics was happening at the same time and was suffering from a few cancellations - I was asked if I could take a session.  Some frantic thinking later and I realised this was an opportunity ...
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Web Analytics within an Organisation
27/03/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
I was kindly invited by Nicolas Malo to speak at the Lille Web Analytics Camp on last Wed 21st Mar, presenting as part of the English stream of talks.  It was a great experience (a bit challenging for me as probably the only native English speaker in attendance) but great to see so many people happy to give up an afternoon to talk and learn about web analytics. My biggest disappointment was not being able to stay long for the ...
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Using Data from Social Media to Improve Performance
17/02/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
What an experience that was.  The first business event I had ever organised and, in the end, it all went smoothly with some amazingly positive feedback.  It was a full room which means there must have been 80 to 100 people in attendance.  And after 15 min of question time (following 45 min of talks) the crowd was asking if we could keep answering questions as they were finding it so interesting/useful. Copies of the four ...
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Principles of Web Analytics – #PCampLDN
19/01/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
I attended my first Product Camp on Sat 26th Nov, an unconference for Product Managers.  Obviously this is not my field but I like hearing what other people are talking about and telling everyone about the wonders of web analytics.  Thanks to the sponsors and organisers – kudos for a very smoothly run event. As an unconference, everyone should be prepared to run a session although it doesn’t need to be a formal presentation.  ...
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