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At the end of last month, the team at L3 Analytics attended eMetrics, an annual summit which facilitates learning and collaboration in the realm of digital marketing. As most of our clients are interested in improving this side of their business, we managed to dip into as many presentations as possible to get a broad overview of new tools, techniques and thoughts around marketing and analytics. Read on for two of our analysts describing their experiences.


Counting, Tagging, Transforming

On October 28 & 29, L3 Analytics attended eMetrics Summit, a conference which covers the impact of data and technology and dives into the latest tools and strategies. The first day started with Jim Stern opening the conference with a presentation stating that Einstein was wrong and everything can be counted. A presentation with useful insights about marketing data taxonomy and a Shakespeare poem (!) were his arguments to support his statement. I agree with the idea that everything can be counted and in analytics everything is able to be counted. However, let’s leave Shakespeare’s idea of love to be unconditional and uncounted.

Following that, a coffee break took place to keep us energised for the next talk. Simo Ahava took the lead, informing us how to transform tag management from a project into a process. It is well known that many organisations struggle to deploy the tagging system into their organisation properly. Simo explained to us how we can think of the implementation as a process. That way, we avoid messing up with data collection, and we get valuable and useful insights. L3 Analytics follows a strong implementation process, communicating with all people involved in that. We are available to explain and discuss every aspect of the process during the implementation project.

The day continued with Dave Rhee, talking about cultural changes in a complex organisation. His presentation was fun, interesting and insightful. The presentation provided information of how analysts can change from being data geeks to being cool Jedis. He shared with us his ideas of how to transform ourselves into wise analysts, and a set of skills that we need to evolve our career quickly and efficiently. Having in mind his instructions and advice, I am looking forward to transforming myself into a wise Jedi! And I believe I will soon!

Evi Anastasiadou



Finding Your Niche

After coming back from eMetrics I’ve found that one talk really stayed with me – ‘The State of the Analytics Nation’ by Stéphane Hamel. There were numerous things that I took home from this talk, but the one that stuck with me was ‘find your niche and specialise’. This leads me to think is it time for me, and others, to pick a speciality and to focus on this.

Personally, I’d consider myself to be a generalist in digital analytics. I have a broad selection of skills but wouldn’t describe myself as having a ‘specialist subject’. There are things I’m more interested in (user experience, understanding business problems and surveys) but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in any one area.

With data science becoming more prevalent, as Digital Analysts we need to be able to provide more than just great analytics. We need to drive changes within our organisations or clients. This can be achieved by differentiating ourselves, which can be done through specialising in a specific area; below is what Stéphane listed:

  • Analytics
  • Business Outcomes & Actions
  • Enabling Capabilities

For me, it is a case of finding out where in this list my interests lie and how to explore them further.  One of the benefits of working within an agency is, by working with a wide range of clients, providing myself with exposure to many different aspects of analytics, which allows me to find my niche and to specialise. Doing this makes me feel like I’m in the best place to allow me to figure out where I want to specialise.

Apart from specialisation, another major theme from eMetrics was that it is time to get out into the business. I’ve found that the analyst sometimes can stay in their ‘cave’ and just been known as the ‘numbers guy’ – this needs to change. Getting out into the business, and having a really good understanding of it, enables an analyst to move from being considered the ‘numbers guy’ into being considered an agent of change. This progression would allow you to have a greater visibility within the business, and to get help from other departments when needed. I know we can all have our frustrations with IT and Marketing, but we need to learn to embrace them and to work with them – we are all working towards the same goal of making the business more profitable.

So there it is, the thing I took away from eMetrics: find your passion, explore it and specialise. Whilst you’re doing this, get out into your business/clients to truly understand how they work. Make friends with IT and Marketing – you’ll always need their help, plus they normally have bigger budgets.

Would I go to eMetrics again next year?… Yes!

Thomas Loveridge


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