Getting Digital Analytics Right For 2018
14/03/2018 | Written by | Categories: LeapThree Events

On February 7th, LeapThree held our first MeetUp of the year where we discussed how to get more value from digital analytics in 2018. We were pleased with the turnout, the informative talks by our speakers and their interaction with the people that attended.

Our choice of discussion was encouraged by a tweet from Mikko Piippo

Our first speaker on the night was Marc Abraham (Chief Product Officer at Settled). Marc has been in product management for the past 7 years, working on a wide variety of products at the likes of 7digital, carwow, and World First. In his current role at Settled, he focuses on taking the pain out of buying and selling homes in the UK. He’s also part of Mind the Product, a global community by and for product managers.

His talk was titled “Data – My next steps” – we invited Marc to speak first to give the business perspective on the use of data and what they need from their analytics.  He used recent real-life experiences from his role at Settled to describe how vital data is to making business decisions. His slides are as follows:

Next up was Alex Wilkins (Digital Analytics Manager at Jellyfish Online Marketing). He has a background in Physics and marketing, and right now he specialises in delivering analytics that can be used to drive change, especially by connecting web analytics, CRM and marketing tools. Getting this more complete version of the user and leveraging data to make decisions at each point of engagement with the brand pushes ROI to the limit, and he is at his happiest when finding awesome insight that makes people think twice (or watching rugby).

Alex took us through the key steps to getting started with digital analytics, with a first action of defining the business information needs. His slides are as follows:

The final speaker for the night was LeapThree’s very own Danny Luc (Senior Digital Analytics and Optimisation Consultant at LeapThree). Danny has spent all his career working with insights: he started his career in Market Research before moving into Analytics – which has been his focus over the last 5 years. He only joined LeapThree at the start of 2018 and is already deep into work with key clients supporting them in getting more value from their use of analytics.

While Danny’s talk overlapped with points made by both Marc and Alex, he took advantage of his degree in Psychology to challenge the approach we take to analytics and how data should be used.  His slides are as follows:

As always at this meetup, the formal talks were followed by a 30 min discussion between members of the audience, loosely sticking to the original topic.  There was the by now mandatory diversion onto the topic of GDPR.

To find out more information on our MeetUps follow us on our MeetUp page.



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