Goodbye L3 Analytics, Hello LeapThree
17/01/2017 | Written by | Categories: Announcements

L3This is the final L3 Analytics blog post as we complete a merger with AEP Convert to become LeapThree.  It became apparent last year that while L3 Analytics was achieving a lot of success, it wasn’t growing as fast as I would like. I made a phone call to an old friend Michael Feiner @ AEP Convert and LeapThree is the result.

The merger makes so much sense as, beyond sharing the management workload, the synergies were obvious. While here at L3 Analytics we have mostly been using Google Analytics, AEP Convert has been primarily focusing on Adobe Analytics. While most of our projects have been around tool set-up and analysis, AEP Convert have put more time into testing, conversion rate optimisation & personalisation. A bigger combined team and client base really helps as well.

We have joined our expertise to create one great agency dedicated to helping companies use data to make smarter decisions and, as a result, to achieve greater commercial success.

The new LeapThree website will be live (fingers crossed) by the end of this week. In my mind, once that is public, it all becomes official. It has been a long process on the paperwork side while continuing with client work but nearly all the boxes have been ticked now. The LeapThree team is going to bring back the content sharing so you can expect a lot more blog posts in the future.

Should you expect any other changes with LeapThree? In a way, not really. Delivering value to our clients, being experts at Analytics, having a focus on making Analytics usable throughout an organisation – none of this will change. The range of services that are offered, well it is the combination of services from the two agencies.
AEPBut there are going to be some changes. From our years of experiences, we know the most common problems faced by companies. We developed solutions and approaches to solve these problems and standardised our delivery methods to cut time and cost to our clients. In the interests of transparency, LeapThree will be publishing our pricelist for these standard projects. All work is customised to client needs but you can see in advance what the starting point is.

LeapThree will be offering public training courses, initially for users of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These are going to differ from the norm as well, no beginner Google Analytics and advanced Google Analytics courses here. Instead they will be functional, based on what is directly applicable to your job. Courses will include GA for Marketers & GA for Product Managers, GA for Retailers & GA for Publishers.

The Digital Analytics meetups will continue and the plan for 2017 will be released soon. Given our experience running the premier Digital Analytics conferences in MeasureCamp and the DA Hub, you can expect some more announcements on events in the coming months.

All these details and more will be available on the new LeapThree website shortly. 2017 has already started well on the new client front and we have a plan in place to continue and increase this sales growth . There is some sadness as L3 Analytics was my first company but it is time to move onwards and upwards for future success.

Goodbye to L3 Analytics is really hello to LeapThree. Bring on the future I say…

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about LeapThree.

LeapThreeP.S. there are 10 tickets available to MeasureCamp London for first time speakers. Read this LinkedIn post for details and get in touch to claim your ticket.

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  1. I wish success to all those in the new combined company.

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