Guide to Omniture SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder
03/06/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight

While web analytics tools are useful for doing up to a certain level of analysis, at times you just need to get the data into Excel, whether for analysis or dashboards.  The best tool I have used for extracting web analytics data into Excel is the (Adobe) Omniture SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder.

This tool used to be a bit shaky but following the latest update around a year ago, it is an incredibly intuitive and useful tool.  Omniture also offers ExcelClient for data extracts but I find this only useful for extracting large data tables – ReportBuilder is the must have Excel data extract tool if you use SiteCatalyst.

Basically every feature within ReportBuilder is customisable, whether by selecting options within the tool or linking to Excel cells.  Nearly all reports that you use in the SiteCatalyst UI are available with the key exception of Fall-out reports.  Functionality is available so that users can slice and dice the data in many ways, enabling the extract of exactly the data required.  Furthermore, once a report has been created, it can be scheduled for automatic updating and delivery in the future.

I created this simple guide to the features of SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder a little while back and thought worth sharing.  It displays the various elements that can be customised and provides details on some key features.

Note that ReportBuilder, unlike ExcelClient, is not a free tool.  But it is a must have.  Talk to your account manager about the cost and see if you can get a free trial to at least in order to understand its benefits and potential.

ReportBuilder is the ideal tool for creating data extracts for automated dashboards using the free Excel Dashboard Template I recently released.  Please get in touch for training on using ReportBuilder or assistance in creating customised automated Excel dashboards.

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