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I am co-organiser of the London Web Analytics Meet-up group, having been volunteered by Barry Mann at some stage last year.  The next get together was scheduled for the 15th Feb which just happens to be the middle of Social Media Week London – so I thought it would be appropriate to combine the two.  The result is an event centred on understanding the metrics available from Social Media with ideas about how to use this data to improve performance.

Through the support of Chinwag, we have being able to gain access to a great venue in central London – 01Zero-One.  The doors will be opening at 6pm with presentations starting an hour later.  There will be four talks of 10min each then some time for Q&A.  The venue is available for us till 9pm for discussions, networking and more drinks, we can also retire to a local pub if the discussions get really interesting.

The presentations will be on four different sources of data from social media.  These are:

  • Your own brand pages on social media networks
  • Discussions regarding your brand on social media networks
  • The influence of individuals within social media networks
  • The impact of social media of your own website

All talks will be tool agnostic, they are intended to give you an overview of data available within each area, what sort of metrics you should be focusing on and examples of ways that you can use the intelligence from this data to improve performance.

** Update – WebTrends has offered to come on board as a sponsor of the event and they will be providing refreshments for the evening.  They have a strong interest in the analytics of social media, offering an integration between the leading social media networks and their own web analytics tool.  In addition, WebTrends offers a free tool for understanding your Facebook pages called Hoverstats. **

The speakers will be kept under control by Cathy Ma who is the Head of Social Media at IPC Media.  She is an experienced user of social media and in her role requires much of the data and intelligence that will be discussed during the presentations.

Joshua March is the co-founder and CEO of Conversocial.  His presentation will centre on the metrics available from your brand pages on social media networks.  These metrics provide valuable insights into your use of social media and Joshua will provide examples of these insights for companies who use social media for customer service.

As previously reported in the Sun, Christian Howes has the ability to predict Big Brother evictions using the data from Social Media conversations.  He will be speaking about these and other insights available through monitoring conversations on social media networks.

Simon Cast is the Head of Products from PeerIndex and a co-founder of ProductCamp London.  He will be providing details on metrics that are available to determine influence within Social Media.  The key question everyone will want the answer to of course, is how to become more influential themselves.

I will also be presenting some ideas on how to measure the impact of social media on your own website.  This will cover tagging requirements but will also include approaches for understanding both the direct and indirect impact of social media campaigns.

Please come along and join in the discussions as we all learn more about the insights possible from Social Media data.  Drinks and nibbles will be supplied (sponsor to be confirmed, please get in touch if interested) so there really is no excuse.  Except not getting in fast enough to get a ticket, we already have over 50 registrations meaning there are not many left.  Please register via the event page on the Social Media Week  website.

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