Introducing L3 Analytics
01/10/2010 | Written by | Categories: Announcements

World, this is L3 Analytics, L3 Analytics, this is the world…

I am pleased to announce that L3 Analytics, a new UK Web Analytics consultancy, is now open for business.  With the objective of making it simpler to understand and improve your online business performance, the focus for L3 Analytics is on maximising the value that clients receive from their investment in web analytics.  We will be equally comfortable taking a look at the data ourselves to identify any quick wins and in longer term engagements to ensure that our clients have all the tools and resources they require to use web analytics themselves within their organisation to make smarter business decisions.  L3 Analytics is available for all typical web analytics projects including reviewing web analytics implementations, analysing and interpreting data, creating dashboards and providing training.

We are experienced in using a range of web analytics tools and in working with clients across most business sectors.  Beyond that though, L3 Analytics is confident that our approach, experience and knowledge means we can work with any client to assist them in using their data to identify opportunities for improvements that will directly impact their bottom line.  We are also available to work with other agencies who are lacking in web analytics resources.

So please, take a look around, read about our philosophy towards working with web analytics, where the name L3 Analytics comes from, the standard Google Analytics project and other services that we offer and do return for frequent updates on our blog.  If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat, we can be contacted in various ways.

Apologies to visitors who are using IE7, I know that some of the website features don’t look quite right and am working on getting this fixed in the very near future.

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