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17/01/2012 | Written by | Categories: Announcements

Another year over and a new year to look forward to.  And I am expecting exciting times in 2012.  The previous year was pretty good for a new company but I have bigger plans for this year.  Here is a brief list of the achievements of L3 Analytics in 2011 and of my plans for the new year.

Achievements in 2011

  • L3 Analytics picked up 10 new clients in 2011 and worked with even more clients through 5 other agencies
  • I am now a Certified Web Analyst through the WAA, one of only nine in the UK
  • The release of an Excel Dashboard Template in mid May was a great success with 7,306 downloads in 2011 – visitors are accessing the site from a variety of search terms around the world with L3 Analytics ranking #2 for “excel dashboard templates”
  • The other excel tools built for tracking campaigns in GA & SiteCatalyst and to identify URL query parameters for GA were less popular but were still downloaded 431 times
  • Ran a successful Web Analytics social evening (#Measure Bowling) helping to promote the London Web Analytics community.
  • Presented on web analytics at a number of events including Conversion Thursday, TechHub and ProductCamp

 Plans for 2012

So what does the new year hold for L3 Analytics.  In a single word – GROWTH.  Growth in the number of clients, the exposure/awareness of the L3 Analytics brand and in the range of areas where L3 Analytics are experts.  My objectives include:

  • Doubling the number of L3 Analytics clients
  • Speaking at events and conferences such as JUMP, eMetrics, Ecommerce Expo
  • To release more free Dashboard templates (ecommerce/marketing versions are nearly ready to go) and to create a service around customising these dashboards
  • To continue to develop standardised approaches to optimising the performance of companies
  • More work coming in will result in my availability being exceeded – the objective will be to employ graduates / junior analysts and develop their skills
  • To help organise a new web analytics conference to occur in London for the UK (and European) web analytics community (based on the success of web analytics evenings in London, of new web analytics conferences in the US such as Accelerate and of BarCamp style events for other digital disciplines)
  • Learn how to code WordPress websites (I want a new skill and think this would be most useful/interesting while aware refreshing my statistics knowledge or learning SQL would be the common recommendations)
  • Become a Google Analytics Certified Partner

Growth in 2012

So there you have it, it looks like a busy 2012.  It has started well with six active clients (across three countries) and a major new client hopefully signing up by the end of the week.  I have my vision and I can’t wait till things ramp up further, to have an office and a team working together to help companies understand and improve their online performance

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