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In case anyone reading this is unaware, MeasureBowling is returning on Thurs 6th June.  It is a simple concept, an evening out for the Digital Analytics community featuring no presentations, just fun times.  We have 43 people signed up so far which is a good start, targeting 60+ on the night itself.

But MeasureBowling is about more than just London.  It will be happening at the same time in 10 cities across Europe.  Utrecht (a city I had never heard of in the Netherlands) is currently leading the way with an amazing 62 bowlers but MeasureBowling is also happening in France, Germany, Poland, Scotland, Ireland and Spain.

The London event will be held at Palace Superbowl in the Elephant & Castle shopping centre, right next to the tube stop.  Tickets are £8 for two games + shoe hire so if you don’t have one yet, go to and get involved.

On the night

The actual bowling will start at 7pm, please be there by 6:30pm to be attributed to a lane.  The venue should not be difficult to find, just aim for the top of the shopping centre.  And remember, you are there for the bowling, not the bingo.

When you get in, walk around to the right, past numerous video games (you can play later) and we will be clustered in front of the bar next to the pool tables.  Please check in to say arrived.  Let us know then if you wish to be in a lane with friends rather than a random selection of people (random is much more fun).

Listen out for shouted instructions on when to get shoes and to start bowling.  We will have a list & maybe even a chart or two showing which lane people are in.  Accept that it will be a little chaotic to start with.  Go with the flow.

Platters of food will be provided through the night, nothing fancy but definitely tasty.  We will also be providing some drinks with the bar tab to be confirmed (please do be responsible with your alcohol intake).

Have fun bowling & chatting to people.

There will be a short presentation post the bowling to thank everyone for the evening and to present some awards.  It is up to you if you want to carry on from there with more bowling, playing pool, video games or more socialising.

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In case people aren’t sure what appropriate attire is for a night of bowling, we will be running a NerdShirt competition.  It is quite simple, wear a shirt which reflects your distinctive geeky personality.  MeasureBowling will definitely be a nerd friendly environment.  Best shirt wins.

Swear jar

Following on the success at MeasureCamp, we will be introducing the SwearJar to MeasureBowling.  A short list of jargon terms, from both the Digital Analytics and Bowling worlds, will be selected.  Use of these terms will be fined with a contribution to the SwearJar, proceeds will go to a nominated charity.

Please comment if there are any particular terms that should be included on the SwearJar list.


MeasureBowling London is looking for sponsors who want to be involved.  It would be great to have 2 or 3 companies in this space contribute £250 each to keep participants fed and refreshed during the evening – to support the Digital Analytics community.  You will get your logo on the MeasureBowling website and publicity pre event and at MeasureBowling itself.

We do have one sponsor confirmed, eMetrics who will be sponsoring MeasureBowling London by providing a free pass to the London eMetrics.  This will be used as a (quite valuable) door prize for one lucky attendee.

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Tell your friends

As with any event, MeasureBowling will only be as good as the people there.  So while we are at 43 people now, it would be great to get up past 60 and even more.  If you don’t have a ticket yourself, hurry up.  And tell your friends, peers, followers on twitter.

Looking forward to seeing you there…


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