MeasureFest 2013 Wrap-up
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Yesterday, I attended the first MeasureFest organised in London by the brightonSEO team. From 10am to 6pm, I had the chance to watch a wide range of presentations about digital analytics, CRO, SEO and business intelligence. It was also the opportunity to catch up with all the other #measure folks and to exchange a few tips:

There were group of four sessions throughout the day. For each one, you will find below for a wrap-up of what I’ve found most interesting. If you missed the event or would like a more complete summary, you may visit Koozai or redrocketmedia’s blog:

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The kick-off was with Paddy Moogan (Distilled), Joe Doveton (GlobalMaxer) and Stephen Pavlovich (Conversion Factory) who spoke about Conversion Rate Optimisation.

  • Getting started with testing without experience can be painful so it’s important to follow a clear framework before jumping on tools like Optimizely or AB/Tasy.
  • CRO across international websites implies different strategies. English language, meaning of colours, supported technologies and method of payments may be completely different depending on countries.
  • Mobile conversion rate optimisation has become essential so it’s better to start right now with small scales.


The next set of presentations were run by Philip Sheldrake (Euler Partners), Ben Harris (Decibel Insight), Russell McAthy (Stream:20).

  • The classic return on investment (ROI) formula just doesn’t work to measure the success of Social Media. The example of the barbecue sales on the first sunny day of the year was meaningful – too many external factors to attribute the success to the campaign.
  • Heatmaps can be useful to get actionable insights but you need the right tool to make sure the data is accurate. It can then help to present the most important call-to-action at the right place.
  • Everyone seems to hate Excel whereas it’s a fantastic tool. Russell’s goal was to make all the attendees save 5 mins a week (£1.7 million a year if you charge £500 an hour) by providing Excel tips available right here: (nice one the formula transposing trick!).


The Analytics session was run by Dara Fitzgerald (FreshEgg), Nikki Rae (Future Insight Analytics), Anna Lewis (Koozai), Ryan Gallagher (IOVOX).

  • Attribution modelling may be useful but there are too many caveats. A solution could be to optimise through testing. This is challenging to segment traffic campaigns but an easy way to get started would be to combine GA advanced segments and Google Adwords Remarketing. If you missed this presentation, slides are available right here:
  • Segmentation is one of the most powerful features from web analytics tools and we often under use it. Not all users are created equal so it is recommended to analyse conversion paths through specific set of behaviours (see Anna’s blog post for the full presentation on segments: The Power of Segmentation in Web Analytics #MeasureFest).

Business Optimisation

The last sessions were performed by Andrew Hood (Lynchpin), Ali White (CallTracks), Dr. David Sewell (FreshEgg), Yousaf Sekander (RocketMill).

  • Optimising customer value can be as important as CRO depending on sectors. Acquisition and retention strategies are often antagonists (short term VS long term) whereas they should go along (statistical modelling can help).
  • According to Google, in the US, 70% of mobile searchers call business directly from its result pages. Unique tracking phone numbers can help to identify within web analytics and CRM tools the behaviour of visitors.
  • Focusing on the content instead of keywords is the only really good way to handle the ‘(not provided)’ effect but you may use neural models combined to the Google Prediction API to reveal your hidden SEO keywords thanks to the not provided tool:!
  • Have you ever wondered if your competitors were testing a certain part of their websites? is a free tool which aims to monitor testing campaigns running by competitors!

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