Peter O’Neill – event organiser?
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And I have gone quiet again.  This time I have a better excuse – I was busy organising the first London Digital Analytics unconference – MeasureCamp.  It took up a huge amount of my time over the past couple of months leaving no time for writing (or even reading) blog posts.  Back now though and ready to get back into it again.

MeasureCamp Logo

A Digital Analytics Unconference in London

Having attended five unconferences over the past few years, I had dreams of an unconference dedicated to analytics.  Taking advantage of a new push for a UK DAA, I managed to convince a group of 10 others to support me in putting this together.  It was a hard slog but we got there.

There were around 110 to 120 attendees on Sat 22nd Sept, most of whom were a bit nervous/scared as this was their first unconference.  But, after the first couple of sessions, people got a feel for how unconference sessions work.  Discussions began to flow and people really started to learn.  It was a great event with feedback including “the best conference ever attended”.  A storify of MeasureCamp was put together by Temina if you want to see what it was all about

Special thanks must go to the committee who all put in unpaid time towards organising this event.  Especially Michael Feiner of AEP Convert who managed to arrange speakers for 25 pre-planned sessions (I know that is wrong for an unconference but necessary for this first one).  I also need to thank Mozilla for providing the venue and our sponsors for paying for all catering, the after-party, t-shirts, schwag bags, etc.  They were:

The food was great, simple but good food (bacon rolls, pastas, chicken kebab skewers, etc), I can’t recommend Fernado’s on St Martin Lane enough for a good lunch and friendly hello – get the chicken kebab with rice, salad & sweet chilli sauce.  I also really appreciated the work of Indigo Clothing who turned around a order for t-shirts in rapid time, I recommend them for any London t-shirt printing requirements.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended and got involved in the discussion, it was great to hear how much you all learnt and enjoyed the experience.  Plans are now underway for MeasureCamp London v2, potentially in six months.

I did three talks myself.  The first, and most challenging, was to open the conference.  20 minutes to welcome everyone and set the atmosphere for an unconference.  Luckily there was not much time to think about this and it ended up going amazingly well – plenty of confidence to take on anything in the future.  I also gave product demonstrations for a tool I am launching very soon (Google Analytics Dashboards) and a tool I recently discovered, RJ Metrics.

My final presentation was my unconference style talk.  I wanted to talk about some of the areas I am thinking about for Digital Analytics.  So I put together a talk on…

Shit I find interesting

This was simply a list of topics and ideas that I am currently finding interesting (usually wishing I had more time to explore and understand properly myself).  It was put together in about 30min late on the Fri night so plenty are missing as well.  I only managed to get through a fraction of this list with some interesting discussions in that time.  Check it out and see what you think.

  • With great power, comes great complexity
  • Models on which to structure thinking
    • Maturity model
    • Performance gap analysis
    • Attract, interest, consideration, conversion
  • Lean Startup thinking (and how it applies to Digital Analytics)
  • The concept of “Engagement” – is it really likelihood to purchase?
  • Member/Customer analytics
  • Using Web Analytics to understand online book reading
  • Tools for Tag Management & Testing that transfer work from developers to analysts
  • Better/easier ways of defining KPIs
  • Campaign Attribution
    • Not about the tool
    • Admitting the impossibility of useful data at visitor level & moving on
    • Is visit scoring the answer?
    • Does testing combinations of media spend work?
  • How to overcome barriers to the use of web analytics
    • Simplifying tools
    • The idea of productising web analytics services
  • How to overcome the lack of skilled practitioners
  • Using web analytics for merchandising
  • The importance of story telling
  • How do development and marketing agencies/vendors survive without caring about web analytics?

And since I want to explore them more, it gives me my next 14 blog posts.  I will aim to get them all published by the end of Jan – gives me a nice deadline to work towards.  Let me know if any topics sound most appealing and I can prioritise accordingly.

6 responses to “Peter O’Neill – event organiser?”

  1. Peter:

    Looks like it was a killer event, too bad I couldn’t swing the expense approval to attend!


    • Peter O'Neill says:

      Hi Michael,

      It was a pretty good event and hopefully just the first of a regular (maybe every 6 months) event. Will try & get dates announced early for anyone outside of the UK interested in timing a visit across to coincide. Hope to see you there one day where we can run a session on whether web analytsts need to be good at stats…


  2. Gerry White says:

    With free breakfast, lunch and beer – what is there to expense? – I paid for my own tickets to and from London and it was worth every penny!

  3. Todd Bullivant says:


    I’m having enough trouble organizing a small group DAA-oriented gathering. I’m very impressed you and your committee organized an entire unconference. Well done!

    • Peter O'Neill says:

      Thanks Todd. I think part of it was not thinking through what was required and just getting it done (otherwise may never have started). However, organising an unconference can be as simple as picking a date, being provided with a venue and arranging catering. Need some sponsors to come on board but with the demand for learning, attendees is almost a given. Now we have done the hard work the first time, hopefully next time will be about half the hours if not less – and can provide the learnings/structure to anyone else who wants to run a MeasureCamp.

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