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21/04/2013 | Written by | Categories: Announcements

I was very happy to be announced recently as one of the Roving Reporters for the London Adobe Summit.  It gets me a free ticket to the conference in exchange for my thoughts & feedback during and after the event.  So expect a lot of #measure tweeting on Wed/Thurs during the conference.  We have been encouraged to have a relaxed approach on Social Media which suits me fine… (hopefully Aussie bluntness will be accepted as well).

The Summit party is always a highlight with Jessie J confirmed as the main act this year.  This narrowly edges out the food at the conference which is always special, I am definitely looking forward to the menu reflecting the Spanish theme this year.  And it is always good to catch up with other members of the Digital Analytics community that I can usually only chat to on twitter.

The purpose though of Adobe Summit is to learn some new stuff.  To gain some knowledge, ideas, techniques, approaches that you can apply to get more value from your analytics.  Plus to be inspired by successful people and entertained by funny folk.  Hopefully this will not be a conference where I walk away thinking it was fun but I didn’t learn anything useful.

With six breakout sessions over the two days, I thought I would do some preparation work and identify which ones I would like to attend.  I downloaded the Adobe Summit app to my iPad and read through all the session descriptions.  Given my interests, I am focused on the Digital Analytics track with one slight diversion to Digital Advertising.  Hopefully the wifi is pretty good in these rooms & I will be able to share my favourite tips (follow me on @peter_oneill)

Wednesday – Tips, Tricks & Networking

12:00 to 12:45 – Analytics Rock Stars: Roll with the pros to rock your analytics

  • I am hoping to learn some new approaches and techniques that I am not currently aware of.  I am especially looking forward to Brent Dykes as not previously heard him speak

14:00 to 14:45 – Chat with people on stands

  • Sadly none of the sessions at this time really appealed to me personally.  So thought I would wonder around the stands while they are quieter, catching up with some contacts plus checking out new technologies.

15:15 to 16:00 – Advanced Analytics: The time saving tips you are not using

  • If Ben Gaines is speaking, it will definitely be good.   Any tips that reduce the time before you can start getting value from analytics (not implementation or reporting) are incredibly valuable.

Thursday – Customers, Members & alternatives to Attribution

11:50 to 12:35 – Using advanced customer analytics to fuel customer retention

  • I am becoming more interested in the ideas behind using members/customers post conversion as this is vital for some of my clients, so interested in hearing approaches used here.  And Jan knows what he is talking about.

13:45 to 14:30 – Econometric modelling for marketers

  • As attribution is not possible, people need to investigate alternative approaches to understand and increase the impact of their marketing campaigns.  Econometric modelling has long sounded like a solution to some of the business questions to me.

14:40 to 15:25 – Customer Analytics: How to survive in a customer driven world

  • My ex boss Matthew Tod is speaking here so it is sure to be an entertaining session and I will be preparing my most difficult questions for him.  This is again related to my desire to learn more on the field of customer analytics.

If you are headed to the Adobe Summit and would like to catch up, let me know either by leaving a comment here or sending me a message on twitter.  And look out for some summary blog posts following the summit, potentially one on the Wed night before the party starts but not making any promises (please check time of publication and if after 8pm, do not read).

If you are a member of the Digital Analytics community and don’t mind a bit of bowling (or a fun night out), come join us on Thurs 6th June for a night of MeasureBowling.  It doesn’t matter where you will be in Europe, we should have you covered with 10 cities confirmed as participating to date.  Check out details and links to register on the MeasureBowling website.

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