LeapThree Digital Analytics Resources

The team at LeapThree have developed various resources to aid in their work. We are pleased to offer these as freely available although ask that credit is attributed back to LeapThree. The tools that have been developed are listed below with links through to blog posts describing their usage. All tools can be downloaded via the relevant buttons on this page.

Excel Performance Dashboards

These templates are designed so anyone can set up their own Performance dashboards. They allow for up to 12 metrics and 6 segments with data compared against a reference number and trended over time. Dashboards can be produced to display Daily, Weekly or Monthly Performance with various options to compare the data against. The set-up and updating of this dashboard are both automated.

Click through for more information and to download the free Excel dashboard templates:

Or get a quote for customised dashboards

Campaign URL Builder

LeapThree Analytics has created Excel tools for generating campaign URLs for Google Analytics and Adobe (Omniture) SiteCatalyst. These simplify the process of generate the URLs, enforce a strong naming convention for easier analysis of performance and, for SiteCatalyst, generate the SAINT file for upload. The tools can be used with any and all marketing channels from Paid Search to Social Media to Offline Marketing. Instructions are included within each Excel file with more details available on the relevant blog post.

LeapThree Analytics blog post introducing the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder

LeapThee Analytics blog post introducing the Adobe Analytics Campaign URL Builder

URL Query Parameter List Builder

This tool is used to create a list of URL query parameters to be excluded from a Google Analytics account. Simply export a list of relevant page names, copy into the tool and run the macro – the list of URL Query Parameters is automatically generated.

Read this post for details on the benefits of and how to use the URL Query Parameter List Builder.

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