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LeapThree Free Dashboard Downloads

LeapThree Analytics Dashboards are designed to highlight key metrics performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They are highly customisable enabling users to define whatever metrics are most relevant to them. Further they are designed to be used with any data source and the set-up process is made as simple as possible.

Set Up

Once the dashboard has been set-up, updating it is as simple as pressing a single button to update all data. It can then be distributed throughout the company, providing readers with an easy to read performance report that also allows them to drill down into the details.

Need help? You can read this dashboard guide

The files are designed for Excel ’07 and newer although should also work with older versions of Excel (except Excel ’04 for Macs which doesn’t allow macros).


This dashboard contains a funnel structure containing up to six stages of a process. The focus within the funnel is the completion rate between stages but the number at each stage of the process is also included. The dashboard also includes two data tables of four metrics each.

Bonus Template – Ecommerce Template with 20 Segments


This is the original Excel Dashboard Template, downloaded thousands of times since it’s release in May 2011. It can be used with any metrics and data source, not just web analytics. The dashboard contains four data tables of three metrics each along with one to two charts which display selected metrics trended over time.


The format of the Marketing dashboard is different to the other two templates. It contains up to six metrics for each traffic source listed (although could be campaigns within a single channel, etc). Data for the comparison period is not included, instead the % change is displayed. This dashboard also includes a chart for comparing a single metric across traffic sources along with the normal trend chart showing performance over time for a single metric and traffic source.

Bonus Template – Marketing Template with 20 Segments

Customised Dashboards

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