See This, Do That Analytics
28/01/2014 | Written by | Categories: Presentations

See this, do that” was a term first used by a client of mine. She was expressing the desire for the non-analysts in the company to have reports that were immediately and directly actionable.

I had to explain it wasn’t that simple unfortunately but the term has stuck with me since. Along with the questions – why isn’t it simple? Why aren’t analytics tools built around actionable reports instead of informative ones?

It is an idea I will be following up more on the future but for now, here is the slide deck from my presentation at Superweek 2014 on this topic:

I can’t recommend Superweek highly enough, it was a great experience with informative talks inside and outside  the sessions. Not going to try and list the great people I met there for the first time or continued a friendship as would miss someone out. But must mention the organizer, Zoli, who did an amazing job putting together the conference and looking after everyone.

Looking forward, I will hopefully be getting back onto the blogging scene this year. It is going to be another busy year ahead with a long list of clients, conferences to organise myself and the release of the first L3 Analytics product. And if anyone reading this is a DAA member and hasn’t voted yet, keep an eye out for me in the rising star category

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  1. […] nos recomienda la fórmula “See This, Do That Analytics” de Peter O’Neill: el analista extrae datos para proporcionar respuestas para el mundo real; para ayudar a nuestros […]

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