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Performance Optimisation

While it is critical to collect the right data into your Digital Analytics tool and this needs to be transformed into information so it can be used, the value only kicks in when this information is applied. Partially this occurs through informing the decisions and actions of the internal team they are making anyway but there are other areas which are additional to standard business as usual

LeapThree provides services and support for using Digital Analytics data to optimise business performance for:

Marketing | Website/App Conversion | Customers

Marketing Optimisation

When we look at your marketing channels and campaigns, we evaluate each one against its own objective. A lot of people use attribution models, whether last click or otherwise, but these are all fatally flawed. We believe optimising your marketing based on objective led measures produce much better results.

Marketing attribution models are based on the principle that you collect all touchpoints in a customer journey leading to a conversion, attributing value to the touchpoints based on their contribution to this conversion. This creates an inherent flaw as it’s not possible to capture all touchpoints or to definitely know the impact of each. You can end up investing a lot of money into a marketing channel or campaign that isn’t the right one. Even worse, you can miss the ones that are actually working.

The LeapThree approach understands that objectives vary by marketing channels and campaigns – some target people wanting to sign up or purchase, but others targets people at the early stages of the conversion funnel. Through evaluating against objectives and not the final conversion, results display true success or failure.  You make smarter decisions about whether to keep investing in the channel or campaign or if it needs to be modified or cut.

When we work with you to optimise your marketing, we take this approach:

  1. Define objectives for each channel/campaign
  2. Define KPIs and targets and how to accurately measure each channel
  3. Evaluate performance for each channel/campaign against these KPIs/targets
  4. Optimise marketing based on the data and performance

Find out more about marketing optimisation.

Website Optimisationmacimg

This is generally known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (or CRO). That means displaying multiple versions of your page or feature to see which one your visitors respond better to. Through experimentation and revision, we help create the optimal version of your site that delivers the best results.

CRO is not just changing the colour of buttons or wording of a call to action. For CRO to reliably impact your commercial performance, it must be managed properly. This includes using data to identify the best tests to run, allocating resources to create test variations and using the proper scientific methods to evaluate the impact of experiments.

Our experience with previous clients over the years has seen some great results – including uplift of tens of thousands of pounds a week. While website optimisation isn’t the quick fix it’s sometimes made out to be, we understand how to improve your results with each experiment, aimed at solid, measurable results and a real uplift across all experiments of over 10%.

LeapThree’s CRO services include:

  • Setting up a testing tool and programme
  • Recommending prioritised experiments
  • Helping set up variation pages (optional dev support available)
  • Testing variations
  • Managing the testing programme
  • Training you to manage ongoing testing

We’re so confident in the results that we even offer an option to reduce the costs until the tests are proved to be a success. Our CRO Foundation project includes everything you need to get started with running tests and we’ll manage the entire process for your first few tests. It is impossible to guarantee the ROI from any business investment but LeapThree gets as close to promise as possible.

Find out more about Website Optimisation <link>

Visitor Optimisationatwork

As you take a more data informed approach to your business, one of the more advanced stages is visitor optimisation. Because each visitor is different, using your data to personalise their experience throughout their visits to your site and after they convert will lead to better commercial results.

LeapThree can help you use your data to define your customer segments, develop them into microsegments and create a personalised plan for each of those segments. This plan will make a difference to every experience your customers have with your organisation.

This project is more advanced and longer in scope and it will mean a higher investment of resources. But when it’s done properly, the payoff is higher in return.

If you’re ready to optimise your business performance, we can help you get started.

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