Analytics Set-up
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Analytics Set-up

Using analytics properly means knowing what data you need. Even just setting up basic page tags results in a huge amount of data. Going through it all can be time-consuming and may be of limited use if you aren’t capturing the data that’s actually valuable to your business.

The more complex your needs (and the more mature your approach to data), the more specific and relevant data you’ll need. LeapThree helps you set up your analytics in a way that’s based on your needs, so you get more value out of it. More data does not mean you make more money. The right data at the right time to inform your decisions and actions will have a big impact on your commercial bottom line.

Here’s how we think about it. The basic and core levels are the two main aspects to setting up Google Analytics:

Basic – setting up your basic page tags properly

Core – capturing macro conversion actions and critical information on visitors/content

Then you have extra levels, where you can capture more specific information as required

Silver – record information on micro conversion actions and directly usable information on visitors/content

Gold – track non-critical features and nice-to-know information on visitors and content

Platinum – the solution will integrate data across multiple data sources


Most organisations require a Core or Silver set-up. This delivers the best value in terms of the development resources and time involved in implementing tagging as that is traded off against the information needs for business. As your team matures in their use of data and the questions they ask of it, the level of analytics set-up should also increase.

Google Analytics

The most common request that LeapThree receives is to set up Google Analytics properly for an organisation. Many organisations lack confidence in their data or aren’t sure what data/reports they should be using. It is common to have a set of business questions that the current Google Analytics set-up just can’t answer as the information is not available.

LeapThree has developed a standard approach to setting up Google Analytics that includes all the tasks required to get your company using it to inform your decisions. This approach is customised to your exact needs and resources, maximising the ROI you will receive from this investment.

Find out more about the LeapThree Google Analytics Foundation project.

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