Analytics Strategy
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Analytics Strategy

If you take data seriously, your long-term goal will be to transform your organisation into a data-informed company where your team is using the intelligence from analytics tools to make smarter decisions and take smarter actions. The result will be an improved commercial performance and higher profitability.  To you achieve this, you require a Digital Analytics strategy.

Focusing on individual projects can be great for short-term success, but it’s not sustainable. Instead, your analytics strategy will bring together all your actions and makes them each an element of the whole plan.


Whether you’re just starting your journey or you already have an established analytics team in place, LeapThree can help you to define the big picture you’re aiming for and implement the right long-term data strategy for your organisation.

If you’re starting your journey, we use tools and frameworks based on solutions like the Digital Analytics Maturity Model and a Digital Analytics Measurement Framework. If you’re already using data and analytics to help your business, we can review and ensure your team is making the best use of their time, focusing efforts for maximum ROI.  We take into account where you are on the Data Maturity curve, where you want to get to and how you get there.

Nearly every company has Digital Analytics tools installed on their websites. Most companies are running reports and reviewing their data.  Few companies are turning data into insights and using these insights to hit and exceed their commercial targets.  Use LeapThree to get ahead of your competitors by giving your team the tools and skills they need.


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