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Getting your digital analytics right is the most critical step in improving your digital ROI. Accurate data breathes trust and with that will empower your stakeholders. They will make better decisions to increase revenue, optimise marketing spend and reduce costs.


But what data and how much of it is optimal? That largely depend on your organisation’s ability to use digital data effectively.

To ensure that your Google Analytics implementation is not too basic (does not support your key data needs) and not too advanced (you are drowning in data), we have developed structured approach to the design and implementation of your digital analytics framework:

  • Discovery – to allow us to understand the website, current tracking, your business and data requirements, and to write up a plan for your GA set up
  • Set Up – to provide instructions and support your developers how to create a Data Layer, configure Google Tag Manager (GTM) and GA and to ensure campaign tracking is comprehensive and consistent
  • Data Access – to train your team on how to take full advantage of your analytics data and create automated dashboards to drive effective reporting

How Much

Our implementation packages are designed to accommodate your specific business needs, organisation data maturity and budget limits.

The diagram below lists the tasks for each phase and package:

The Custom Solution is designed for organisations looking for a high level of analytics sophistication. Ideal where the business is making daily decisions impacting your website users with several/many stakeholders requiring access to data

The Standard Solution is designed for organisations starting out with digital analytics data where too much data would hinder rather than support improvement. We will use our extensive sector-specific knowledge to create the best possible analytics framework for your business.

The Quick Solution project is designed for organisations with limited budget or development resources where the focus is capturing key information to support regular reporting and basic website optimisation.


✓✓ means a full allocation of time for that task | indicates half an allocation | means the task is not included in this package

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