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Having a sound digital analytics implementation is a great plus. Now you need the knowledge and people to generate commercial insights to help drive increased revenue, marketing spend optimisation and costs efficiencies.

You need support generating those insights about your customers to deliver your next digital growth. You also want your stakeholders educated, trained and coached to identify revenue opportunities on their own.


You need an outsourced digital analytics support team working alongside your stakeholders. This flexible team could support all your analytics needs:

  • Reporting – from reporting and dashboard design through to managing your reporting and providing running commentary and analysis
  • Support – consulting your stakeholders with any reporting questions
  • Analysis – responding to your data requests (e.g. why did our conversion rate drop last week; did our social media campaign increase content consumption; why is our Average Order Value in decline; which customer segment was most affected by the increase in the free delivery threshold; etc.)
  • Analysis Reviews – comprehensive analyses of key business performance questions. Analysis delivered with conclusion and recommended actions to improve performance
  • Training – from the fundamentals of digital analytics to advanced analysis, we will educate and coach your stakeholders so they are comfortable with the digital analytics discipline and tools. Make informed and better decisions
  • Technical support – providing the technical resources to help resolve any tracking or implementation issues
  •  Analytics Strategy – defining an analytics strategy shaped to suit your business. From the evaluation of your analytics maturity level through the definition of the ideal analytics team structure and processes to delineating your KPI framework

How Much

We offer two support packages taking into account your specific business needs, the nature of support you require and your budget limits.

Support Hours

Flexible without a large upfront commitment. Ideal for an initial engagement or for resolving technical tracking challenges.

Purchase a bucket of hours and use as required for any task that comes along.


  • Initial 25-hour bucket: £3,500 + VAT
  • Subsequent 15-hour buckets: £2,100 + VAT

Monthly Retainer

For projects of an ongoing nature with changing priorities and/or scope. Our retainers are also ideal for managing your reporting and analysis needs on a weekly/monthly basis

Our retainer agreements run for a minimum of three months with substantial discounts for longer periods.


  • One day per week: £3,965 + VAT per month
  • Two days per month: £1,950 + VAT per month

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