Google Analytics for Marketers
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Optimise your marketing spend using the insights from Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the most widely used tool in the web analytics space. And yet, so much of the potential value is left untapped by most organisations.  With so much available data, getting the best value and use from Google Analytics requires a deeper understanding of functionality and options matched against your business needs.


Course Programme

Google Analytics Essentials

  • Introduction to key concepts in digital analytics
  • Key Google Analytics functionality
  • Three Google Analytics reports

Defining Success

  • Understanding the different types of objectives for different marketing channels/campaigns
  • Defining KPIs for each channel/campaign
  • Identifying tracking requirements for evaluating success

Campaign Tracking

  • How Google Analytics identifies traffic sources
  • Defining campaign tracking hierarchies
  • Setting up campaign tracking with both manual and automatic options

Setting up Google Analytics for Marketing Insights

  • Capturing key behaviour and success actions
  • Maximising data quality

Reporting on Marketing Performance

  • Overview of standard marketing reports
  • Creating your custom marketing report suite
  • Multi-channel funnel and attribution reports
  • Extracting insights on marketing performance within GA

Using GA to optimise marketing performance

  • Evaluating your marketing against KPIs and targets
  • Making smarter decisions using GA insights
  • Reviewing the impact of a change in marketing strategy/tactics
  • Bonus tricks & tips for optimising marketing performance



Following this training course, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Google Analytics
  • Be able to define success and set KPIs for each of your marketing channels & campaigns
  • Know how to set up detailed campaign tracking for all channels
  • Understand the requirements to capture the information you need in Google Analytics
  • Have knowledge of the range of reporting options to evaluate marketing performance
  • Have created a set of reports to start using immediately for yourself, for other teams and for management
  • Be able to start using GA to optimise your marketing performance


Who Should Attend

If you know you are missing out on the insights and value that is buried within Google Analytics, then this course is for you. It is designed for digital marketers and structured around what you need to know to get this value from Google Analytics.


The expectation is that you will have some level of familiarity with Google Analytics.  The basics will be covered to ensure everyone has the necessary foundation and then the learnings will then be accelerated to cover the most relevant advanced features.



The Google Analytics for Marketers training course is led by digital analytics specialist Peter O’Neill.


Peter has over 10 years of experience in digital analytics. He started his analytics career with before working as a consultant at analytics vendor Nedstat and then analytics consultancy Logan Tod (now part of PwC). Peter founded L3 Analytics in 2010 before merging with AEP Convert to form LeapThree in 2016.


In his spare time, Peter also founded MeasureCamp, co-founded MeasureBowling and is the chair of eMetrics London.


The biggest challenge is that it takes months of training and practice to develop expertise in the use of Google Analytics.  How then, to get immediate and practical value from a single day of Google Analytics training? The solution is tightly focused and business need targeted training days.


This training course will be for Digital Marketers, focused on what they need to know to get value from Google Analytics to meet their business needs.  The key business outtakes will be:

  • Am I tracking all marketing sources and in the detail I need?
  • What should I define as success for each channel/campaign?
  • What GA tracking/configuration is required to capture the information I need?
  • Can I trust this Google Analytics data?
  • How do I access the information I need without wasting hours?
  • How do I maximise the results of my investment of money & time into marketing activities?


This hands-on course is packed with useful tips and advice to help you use Google Analytics like a pro. But only with the tips & advice that is directly applicable to you.

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