CRO Kickstarter Project


You have heard a lot about the benefits of A/B testing and Conversation Rate Optimisation (CRO) but you either do not have the time or resources to run testing or have had poor results from your in-house efforts. We can help you turn your testing and optimisation into a significantly profitable activity, enough to justify a running an ongoing CRO programme.

Last year we generated for one of our clients a £6m annual uplift in a single test. Whilst the magnitude of the uplift was much to do with good fortune, our ability to pick and prioritise the specific test was based on both analysis and past experience of a similar type of test for another client.


Running effective testing and optimisation requires discipline and continuity, far more than creativity. Everyone has good ideas for testing but the trick is to quantify the value of potential tests, prioritise the highest potential value tests, develop the right hypotheses for testing and design effective alternatives. It requires a combination of customer analysis, testing experience and tight governance.

We have developed a structured approach to the design and implementation of your A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation framework. However, that process would require a significant upfront investment on your part. Your organisation may not be ready for that.

Therefore, to reduce cost and make the financial benefits case for further investment in CRO we have developed our CRO Kickstarter Project. We will plan and execute three tests within 12 weeks with the aim of generating a 10-fold ROI on the project.

We will:

  • Help Set Up Testing Tool – we will either use your incumbent tool or instruct your developers on implementing our tool (no subscription fees during the project period)
  • Conduct Initial Customer Research – review of available customer data inc. digital analytics, BI, research, VoC etc.
  • Run Test Ideation Workshop – review of research findings and proposed test; outcome – agreed three tests prioritised by commercial value and complexity to execute Data Access – to train your team on how to take full advantage of your analytics data and create automated dashboards to drive effective reporting
  • Execute Test #1 – design of test templates; approval of template by your; implement in testing platform; run test QA; initiate test and monitor performance
  • Repeat with Tests #2 and #3
  • Project Conclusion & Next Steps – review project success; present key learnings and proposed next steps; provide documentation


How Much

Our CRO Kickstarter Project is designed to maximise the number of tests conducted with a short period of time. We aim to prove to your organisation the value of running testing as a programme.

We offer two pricing models:

Success-Based Compensation

  • Fixed fee – £12,000
  • Plus £1,000 for each 1% increase in agreed target (up to a limit of £10,000)
  • For example, if increase is 2.76% then the total project cost would be £12,000 + £2,760 = £14,760
  • However, if increase is 13.54% then the total project cost would be £12,000 + £10,000 = £22,000

Flat Fee Compensation

  • Fixed fee – £17,000

The benefit of the success-based model is that it reduces your risk to £12,000 if we cannot increase your conversion rate. At the same time, if the project is a great success then your cost is limited to £22,000 at most. The uplift in revenue generated should outweigh that cost many times over.

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