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Analytics Training

If you want to do a job properly, it’s best to do it yourself. And we’ll teach you how, by transferring our knowledge to you so you can gain real value from your analytics tools. Long term, having the skills in-house will deliver the biggest impact on your business profitability from an investment in Digital Analytics.

When you train with LeapThree, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your analytics tool (including all key functionality and reports) – we’ll guide you through the reports and functionality that you will use on a regular basis to get at the information you need.
  • Extract useful information and insights from your data – we’ll show you how to identify which of the millions of data points are meaningful and what this data is telling you.
  • Use your data to improve business performance – most importantly, we’ll use examples to demonstrate how to apply the intelligence to your decisions and actions, so you get better results.

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Google Analytics for Marketers


Because our consultants are experts with a range of analytics tools and the application of data from those tools, you’ll be learning from the very best. And knowing how to get the best out of your data means you’ll be able to get more value out of it than by paying for the latest shiny tool.

We offer training in three ways:

  • Public training (not available to digital agency teams)
  • Stand-alone client training
  • Client training as part of other projects


Digital Analytics tools are not something you can master with a day or even a week of training.  LeapThree training courses focus on the most relevant elements for you. The actions you take back to your day job and start getting value immediately. Not on showing you 50 reports that you will never use.

Public training courses are typically function based. So there are separate training courses for marketers, product managers or developers and other training courses for e-retailers or publishers. Just this shift in focus means the content covered is directly applicable to your day job based on the experiences of the LeapThree team working with our clients.

A great example of in-house training courses is provided with the Google Analytics Foundation project(LINK). This project includes 3 training sessions:

  1. Google Analytics 101
    • Two hour session
    • Introduces users to Digital Analytics, key Google Analytics functionality and the 3 key Google Analytics reports
  2. Your Google Analytics Set-up
    • Two hour session
    • Run through of the new Google Analytics set-up for your organisation including page names, events, custom dimensions, custom metrics and goals
  3. Applied Google Analytics
    • Half day session
    • Ask Me Anything format
    • Bring your business questions and learn how to use Google Analytics to get the answers

The stand-alone client training can use the format of a public training course or it can be totally customised to your needs. We will discuss the objectives for the session and ensure that attendees walk out with the knowledge they required.

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