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Getting Digital Analytics Right For 2018
14/03/2018 | Written by | Categories: LeapThree Events
On February 7th, LeapThree held our first MeetUp of the year where we discussed how to get more value from digital analytics in 2018. We were pleased with the turnout, the informative talks by our speakers and their interaction with the people that attended. Our choice of discussion was encouraged by a tweet from Mikko Piippo Our first speaker on the night was Marc Abraham (Chief Product Officer at Settled). Marc has been in ...
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Using Google Analytics to resolve issues
19/03/2012 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
This is an account of a business issue that was raised with me during a training course and a step by step run through of how we used Google Analytics to identify and fix the issue.  Unfortunately (but understandably) my client wasn't comfortable with sharing their confidential data so all details will have to remain slightly vague.  My apologies for this but I think you should still get the idea behind this approach. What is this ...
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What caused the drop in sales?
11/04/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
That was the question I was asked last week regarding the performance of an online retailer.  There were three days of poor sales and my client wanted to know why.  I realised while investigating this that there is a standard process I follow. The first step is to confirm the drop in sales and which days were affected.  This is done by comparing revenue for the suspect days against the same days in the previous week, giving you ...
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How to Analyse Web Analytics Data pt 3
07/04/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
The first two parts of this series covered two key methods in analysing web analytics data, comparing performance against a set of reference numbers and trending data over time to expose patterns.  This third and final part covers segmentation, what I would commonly refer to as drilling into the data.  Writing on this does sadly date me to being nearly five years behind Avinash with my thinking.  As he has written extensively ...
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How to Analyse Web Analytics data pt 2
04/02/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
In the first part of this series of posts on analysing web analytics data, I covered how the initial stage in understanding the performance of a website during the previous week is to compare the numbers for that week against a set of reference numbers.  While there are various alternatives to what reference numbers to use, the ideal option is a forecast.  This takes into account historical performance and all known factors that ...
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How to Analyse Web Analytics data
10/01/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
A question that always seems to comes up when working with someone new to web analytics is how do you go about analysing/interrogating the data.  I find it a hard question to answer in a way as I see web analytics as more of an art than a science and therefore there is no distinct sequence of steps to get from an Executive dashboard to insights to recommended actions.  However I do have a number of approaches I use to drill through ...
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Removing Daily Seasonality
26/11/2008 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
While I generally begin to look at web analytics data at a weekly or monthly level, there are times when it is useful to drill down to daily numbers.  This can be when examining the reason for a change in the data or simply to review the previous day's performance.  But an issue arises which can make it difficult to interpret and extract useful insights from this daily data. Most metrics, when viewed at daily level, contain a ...
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Types of Web Pages
11/11/2008 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
I have recently been working on a project with Bowen Craggs for a client’s corporate website, defining the value of the website to the client using a Balanced Scorecard. This includes assigning values to specific pages within the website based on how well they are performing using web analytics data.  Before the project could proceed, we needed to create formulae based on available web analytics data that could be used to ...
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