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Peter O’Neill has Received a DAA Awards for Excellence Nomination
21/01/2016 | Written by | Categories: Announcements
The founder of L3 Analytics, Peter O’Neill, has received a DAA Awards for Excellence nomination. The DAA Awards for Excellence, which are run by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), aim to recognise the world’s most influential digital analytics practitioners. Peter O’Neill has been shortlisted in the Most Influential Individual Industry Contributor category for creating MeasureCamp and MeasureBowling, and sits ...
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Three reasons for measuring multichannel marketing campaigns
12/10/2010 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
My original blog post on measuring multichannel marketing campaigns was focused on optimising future marketing performance across all marketing channels for an organisation and I made recommendations on what I believe are the best ways of achieving this goal.  However I didn’t mention or discuss other reasons for wanting to be able to allocate revenue generated (or alternative goals achieved) between different marketing channels.  ...
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Winner of the Econsultancy JUMP blogging contest
01/10/2010 | Written by | Categories: Announcements
It was a bit of a shock and a great surprise to see this tweet pop up on my screen last Fri afternoon I had written this post on measuring multichannel campaigns the previous week upon my return from travels and was only able to submit it due to the deadline being extended by a week.  Given that JUMP is a conference all about joining up online and offline marketing to achieve better results and that it targets marketers, it was a ...
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Measuring Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
17/09/2010 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
With the incentive of an iPad, eConsultancy membership and a free pass to JUMP, I spent a proportion of my time while hiking around Peru trying to develop my thoughts on optimising the return from doing both online and offline marketing.  Naturally, as a web analyst, my focus on this is related to measuring and understanding the performance of marketing campaigns - based on the idea that the more that you understand about the ...
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