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A Powerful Use Case for GA Calculated Metrics
03/11/2015 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
By now everyone should be excited about the release of Calculated Metrics within Google Analytics. This has the potential to be yet another powerful tool for analysis, although it will only prove useful to companies who are investing the time and resources in a good GA set-up. As a bonus, it shuts down another line in the arguments between Google & Adobe Analytics. Details on how to create Calculated Metrics can be found in ...
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Generating Custom Dimensions from Page Names
22/10/2015 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I discovered a few months back that you can use Custom Dimensions within Google Analytics filters. This was great as it allowed us to created segmented Views based on session/user level custom dimensions (created using GTM via a Data Layer) for segments like Subscriber Traffic, Free Traffic, Desktop website and Mobile website. But I had an idea in the back of my mind and finally found an excuse to test it out a couple of weeks ...
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Accurate Sessions by Traffic Source
29/08/2014 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
Possibly the most annoying piece of “business logic” within Google Analytics (in my opinion) is that Direct Entry sessions are attributed back to the original traffic source.  I want to know what is really happening!!  I want to know if people are really coming from organic search, emails, affiliates, etc or if they are using remembered URLs, bookmarks, typing directly into the address bar.  But the acquisition reports in ...
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20 Useful Google Analytics Segments
20/05/2013 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Google Analytics provides you with 13 default segments in their Advanced Segment feature.  These segments are pretty good and they do tick a few of the boxes for the segments you would use most regularly.  But for me, they aren’t enough, there are more segments that are relevant to every website which need be added to your toolkit. Below is a list of segments that I have set up within my GA login that I use with all clients.  ...
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URL Query Parameters List Builder for Google Analytics
An important step in configuring a Google Analytics account is to clean up page names.  Users should be able to identify a page based on the page name and be able to group pages in a logical manner.  The tools for doing this are excluding URL Query Parameters and renaming pages using Profile Filters. The purpose behind excluding URL Query Parameters is so each page on the website has a unique page name within Google Analytics.  ...
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You can too do Content Grouping in Google Analytics
25/03/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I have noticed various posts and comments about how you can’t do content grouping in Google Analytics, that you need to use SiteCatalyst or a similar paid tool in order to do this.  These comments surprise me as one of my first actions with a new client using Google Analytics is to set up content groupings.  So I thought I would write a post detailing what I do and how easy it is. But I did a quick bit of research before I ...
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Search Term Categorisation in Google Analytics
02/03/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
Digging around to understand search marketing performance can be difficult.  A site may receive traffic from tens of thousands of unique search terms, too much data to effectively analyse.  As a result, it is difficult to know what search terms or types of search terms are important and performing well for your business (even with Weighted Sort). Analysing this performance can be vital for understanding customer intent and making ...
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Useful Calculated Metrics for SiteCatalyst
18/02/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I created a traffic source report in SiteCatalyst Discover recently and wanted to include some basic engagement style metrics e.g. Average Page Views per Visit, Average Time on Site.  However, with some high bounce rates, I wanted to ignore those visits that did bounce, with the metrics only calculated for visits that viewed at least two pages. The general equation for this for any metric is: (<Metric> minus <Metric> ...
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