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Defining Page Names for Google Analytics
One of the more frequent questions we receive from clients here at LeapThree is “Why are you wanting to rewrite all the page names, what is wrong with just using the URLs?”. It is something we feel is critical in the set-up of Google Analytics and this blog post is intended to provide the reasons why. By default, page names in Google Analytics are taken from URLs, just losing the domain name.  What appears to not be widely ...
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Using the Google Analytics Tax field for Transaction Type
05/08/2012 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
I haven’t written a blog post for a while, some might call that lax but I will claim to having been too busy.  You might not have missed me or these posts in your inbox but I missed writing and sharing information.  In good news I have been busy with clients + setting up a second company to be launched soon + helping to organise the first UK Digital Analytics Unconference (MeasureCamp).  More details on MeasureCamp and my new ...
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