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Campaign Attribution is Broken
16/12/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
I recently attended the Conversion Conference in London, thanks to a free ticket from Conversion Thursday.  It was an interesting event although my attendance at sessions was impacted by a request I received at the start of the first morning.  eMetrics was happening at the same time and was suffering from a few cancellations - I was asked if I could take a session.  Some frantic thinking later and I realised this was an opportunity ...
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Using Data from Social Media to Improve Performance
17/02/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
What an experience that was.  The first business event I had ever organised and, in the end, it all went smoothly with some amazingly positive feedback.  It was a full room which means there must have been 80 to 100 people in attendance.  And after 15 min of question time (following 45 min of talks) the crowd was asking if we could keep answering questions as they were finding it so interesting/useful. Copies of the four ...
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How to Use the Data from Social Media
07/02/2012 | Written by | Categories: Announcements
I am co-organiser of the London Web Analytics Meet-up group, having been volunteered by Barry Mann at some stage last year.  The next get together was scheduled for the 15th Feb which just happens to be the middle of Social Media Week London – so I thought it would be appropriate to combine the two.  The result is an event centred on understanding the metrics available from Social Media with ideas about how to use this data to ...
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Tracking Marketing Campaigns in SiteCatalyst
21/10/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
My opening line in a recent post needs to be repeated here – “in order to optimise spend and time invested in marketing activity, all traffic that a company has some control over should be identified within their web analytics tool”.  That post was regarding Google Analytics but the exact same principle applies to Adobe (Omniture) SiteCatalyst. It is simpler with SiteCatalyst to track marketing links, you only need to add ...
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Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder
08/09/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
In order to optimise spend and time invested in marketing activity, all traffic that a company has some control over should be identified within their web analytics tool.  For Google Analytics, this requires adding three to five URL query parameters to landing page URLs – the exception is Google Adwords traffic that can be automatically tagged.  These campaign parameters identify the source of the visit, allowing for performance ...
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Tracking Social Media with Web Analytics
02/08/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Set-up
Social Media has developed into the next big thing in online over the past couple of years and that means it needs to be measured.  Specific tools have been and are being developed to understand where/how/what people are saying about your brands across the internet.  But web analytic tools should be used to understand social media interactions on your own website. This post will detail four specific areas for understanding social ...
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Three reasons for measuring multichannel marketing campaigns
12/10/2010 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
My original blog post on measuring multichannel marketing campaigns was focused on optimising future marketing performance across all marketing channels for an organisation and I made recommendations on what I believe are the best ways of achieving this goal.  However I didn’t mention or discuss other reasons for wanting to be able to allocate revenue generated (or alternative goals achieved) between different marketing channels.  ...
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Measuring Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
17/09/2010 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
With the incentive of an iPad, eConsultancy membership and a free pass to JUMP, I spent a proportion of my time while hiking around Peru trying to develop my thoughts on optimising the return from doing both online and offline marketing.  Naturally, as a web analyst, my focus on this is related to measuring and understanding the performance of marketing campaigns - based on the idea that the more that you understand about the ...
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What if visitor counts are inflated
10/03/2010 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
There has been some research recently suggesting that monthly unique visitor counts for a website are inflated by 2 to 4 times.  This means that if your web analytics tool is reporting 1.6m visitors for the month, the actual number of people who visited your website is between 400k and 800k.  Details of this research can be found in a press release from Scout Analytics with similar numbers found for any website using ...
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