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The Quadfurcation of Web Analytics
05/02/2014 | Written by | Categories: Analytics Philosophy
Again and again over the past few years I have referred people to Eric Peterson’s blog post on “The Coming Bifurcation in Web Analytics Tools”, written back in Feb 2010.  This blog post describes a potential future where the majority of people in companies use Google Analytics to answer day to day business questions while a very powerful data warehousing tool such as Adobe Insights is used by the analysts to answer the hard ...
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Guide to Omniture SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder
03/06/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
While web analytics tools are useful for doing up to a certain level of analysis, at times you just need to get the data into Excel, whether for analysis or dashboards.  The best tool I have used for extracting web analytics data into Excel is the (Adobe) Omniture SiteCatalyst ReportBuilder. This tool used to be a bit shaky but following the latest update around a year ago, it is an incredibly intuitive and useful tool.  Omniture ...
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What are the most important products on a retail website?
19/11/2010 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Retailers have used various methods over the years of identifying the most important products in their range.  This varies from most units sold, most revenue generated, (getting smarter) most profit generated, highest ROI, (smarter still) products that generate high basket values (through incremental customer purchases), etc.  The information is used for merchandising, designing store layouts and other marketing efforts around ...
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