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Getting Digital Analytics Right For 2018
14/03/2018 | Written by | Categories: LeapThree Events
On February 7th, LeapThree held our first MeetUp of the year where we discussed how to get more value from digital analytics in 2018. We were pleased with the turnout, the informative talks by our speakers and their interaction with the people that attended. Our choice of discussion was encouraged by a tweet from Mikko Piippo Our first speaker on the night was Marc Abraham (Chief Product Officer at Settled). Marc has been in ...
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5 extra Google Analytics tips, tricks & hacks
14/11/2016 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
Your first question should be extra to what?  It's always great to get five Google Analytics tips, tricks & hacks, its even better to get more of them so why are these extra?  Well I am speaking at the ObservePoint Analytics Summit this Thurs 17th Nov and there I am giving the first 25 Google Analytics tips, tricks and hacks. These are extra to that list. Quick little bit of background.  My original plan was to give 10 tips, ...
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Impacting Business Performance with Analytics – iLive Conference 2015
11/01/2016 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
iLive Conference 2015 At the end of last year I attended the iLive Conference in Riga where I talked about how to use analytics to improve a business’ bottom line. Overall, the iLive conference was a great experience. I was really impressed with the quality of presentations and the level of digital expertise shared across a wide range of digital channels, including SEO, analytics, social media, community building and ...
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Web Analytics within an Organisation
27/03/2012 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
I was kindly invited by Nicolas Malo to speak at the Lille Web Analytics Camp on last Wed 21st Mar, presenting as part of the English stream of talks.  It was a great experience (a bit challenging for me as probably the only native English speaker in attendance) but great to see so many people happy to give up an afternoon to talk and learn about web analytics. My biggest disappointment was not being able to stay long for the ...
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How to Use the Data from Social Media
07/02/2012 | Written by | Categories: Announcements
I am co-organiser of the London Web Analytics Meet-up group, having been volunteered by Barry Mann at some stage last year.  The next get together was scheduled for the 15th Feb which just happens to be the middle of Social Media Week London – so I thought it would be appropriate to combine the two.  The result is an event centred on understanding the metrics available from Social Media with ideas about how to use this data to ...
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5 Web Analytics Tips
14/10/2011 | Written by | Categories: Presentations
I was given a speaking slot at Conversion Thursday London last night and, while I have spoken at various events previously, I think this was the first time presenting to my peers in the web analytics community.  So thank you Rob & Elisa DBI for the opportunity.  And of course thanks to Epiphany Solutions for sponsoring the event. With vague guidelines of 10 minutes and talking about something relevant and interesting, I ...
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10 Tips for taking SiteCatalyst to the Next Level
25/05/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
My favourite session at the Adobe Omniture Summit EMEA 2011 was a panel based session for power users from Adam Greco, Jan Exner and Brett Dykes.  It was full of tips, tricks and ideas for extending the capability of SiteCatalyst and getting more value from it.  They explained potential approaches to resolving ten predefined questions and then took questions from the floor. I didn't always record the exact questions and answers, ...
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How Real Estate Agencies should use Web Analytics
13/04/2011 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Like many sectors, any serious business working in real estate has a website these days.  And like any business operating in the online world, the intelligence from web analytics can be used to improve business performance.  There are two main types of real estate websites, the web presence of the real estate agents and websites that aggregate the content across multiple real estate agents.  For the purposes of this, I am only ...
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New or Returning, Visits or Visitors
02/11/2009 | Written by | Categories: Analysis and Insight
Everyone likes to know if the people visiting their website are seeing it for the first time or are regulars.  This is even more important when they are paying for the traffic, if the money is going on acquiring new visitors (potential new customers) or is it just providing a convenient entry point for people who would be coming to the site anyway. Due to cookie deletion and multiple computer usage, it is difficult to get a ...
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