The London #MeasureBowling event
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Tweets discussing idea for London social evening

What started as a joke exchange of comments on Twitter ended up with 43 people, primarily from the Web Analytics and Digital communities, enjoying an evening of 10 pin bowling last Fri night.  Emer Kirrane (@Exxx as I know her) requested that we arrange a web analytics meet-up for a night when she was visiting London with nothing to do.  A few of us responded and I decided to do something about it.

A bit of research and assistance from @cyberdees, organiser of #LondonLebowski nights, led to me setting up an event at the London Palace Superbowl in Elephant & Castle.  AT Internet, a leading provider of Web Analytics and Optimisation tools, kindly offered to come on board as a sponsor of the event, ensuring that participants would be fed and refreshed during the evening.  And the event was publicised via Twitter, LinkedIn and email communication.

We ended up with 40 bowlers and 3 cheerleaders.  Not as many as I had hoped but still a great turnout for the first event of this kind in London.  Special thanks to Logan Tod, Comscore and 4Ps Marketing teams who all turned out in numbers.  Judging by the feedback on twitter, everyone ended up having a great time, possibly to their surprise in some cases.  And yes, we will be looking to repeat this event at some stage in the future.

Peter's Bowling action

Various prizes were awarded for bowling feats, not just to the best bowlers.  Winners received medals and certificates (thanks to Bar Battu for printing these for me at 5:30pm prior to the games).  A quick summary of the awards is:

  • Top Bowler – Desigan with a combined score of 267 (two games)
    • This was extremely close with Mohsin and James narrowly behind scoring 266 and 264 respectively
    • The highest single game score was Young-Hee with a 157
  • Winning lane – went to a Comscore team (formally Nedstat) with a total score of 1,255 which is an average of over 100 points per person per game
  • The Coach’s Award (an Australian football style award, let’s just call it an encouragement award) went to Zelika who is sure to get better with more practice
  • The Most Improved was given to Emer with a % increase of 86% from game 1 to game 2
  • While there may be no such thing as a real Average User in Web Analytics (who visits the website 2.3 times per month, viewing 6.8 pages each time), I thought appropriate to present an Average User award for the bowling
    • This prize went to Rafi who scored closest to the average score for the night

Emer with certificate and medalRafi receiving his certificate

As the event fell on a Friday, we had to get a #NerdShirtFriday competition going.  While many appeared to have not read their emails properly, we still had some strong entries.  The top 3 all received a t-shirt from Red Handed Clothing Co, a new and very cool clothing brand being released by a couple of friends of mine.

The winner was Daniel Knell, one of the developers attending the evening.  He is exploring work opportunities so check out his details and get in touch if interested.  Second place went to Rachel Sweeney with Rafi picking up third.

It was a bit of a stressful evening for me although I apparently bowl at my best when there is no time to think (I scored 113 in the first game with a couple of early strikes but faded to only record 94 in the second).  Definitely will repeat this at some stage next year and also considering a Web Analytics conference for practitioners – contact me if you want more details on that.

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was lovely to actually meet Emer in person and special thanks again to AT Internet for their sponsorship of the event.  It was something different for the London Web Analytics community but, based on the feedback, think we need more of these kind of events in the future.

The crowd at London #MeasureBowling

More photos (I take no responsibility for the language contained on any of the shirts)


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