Would I make a good Adobe Summit Roving Reporter?
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Adobe is looking to recruit a Roving Reporter for the Adobe Summit in London later this month.  Adobe has history in recruiting Australians to report on their summits and after the success of @MicheleJKiss, they are sure to want to continue the tradition.  With a free conference pass up for grabs, this sounds like my sort of gig.

I have listed reasons below why I believe Adobe should select me as the roving reporter.  But rather than the reasons, I intend to rely on the power of Social Media.  So, to all members of the Digital Analytics community, if you believe I would be a good Adobe Summit Roving Reporter, please say as much via a comment on this post – even just writing a +1 should be sufficient to count as a vote in my favour.  I will be submitting my application by the evening of Thurs 4th Apr so please comment before then.

My qualifications for the role

The key purpose is to communicate the events of the day through social media, tweeting during the course of the day and writing wrap-up blog posts after each day.  For evidence on the post conference blogging front, I present my following two posts:

I could provide similar evidence of live tweeting from conferences but I have over 3.5k tweets to scan through…

There is a requirement to be passionate and enthusiastic about digital marketing.  My focus is more digital analytics but I believe that should be sufficient.  I am a regular at WAWs, Conversion Thursdays and Web Analytics meetups (co-organiser) in London.  In 2012, I spoke at eMetrics and the Lille Web Analytics Camp.  Plus I attended XChange Berlin, Adobe Summit and Conversion Conference.

That is just a list of events I attend.  After participating in a number of unconferences for other areas of Digital, I decided it was a format that Digital Analytics would benefit from.  With the support of other members of the community, I have organised two MeasureCamps, (an unconference for Digital Analytics practitioners).  The most recent of these was held on Sat 16th Feb with 140 Digital Analytics practitioners attending from around Europe.

My work currently is primarily using Google Analytics but I have had a lot of experience with Adobe SiteCatalyst over the years.  Websites I have worked on using SiteCatalyst include Vodafone, JPMorgan and Premier Inn.  Blog posts that I have written focused on SiteCatalyst include:


31 responses to “Would I make a good Adobe Summit Roving Reporter?”

  1. Desmond says:

    Peter O’Neil you are the man for the job

  2. @measurefuture says:

    I give Peter a thumbs up for this, Adobe – put him to work during the UK Summit!

  3. Tim Wilson says:

    +1 (+3, really…). [Like]. RT.

    You’d be a great pick for this role, Peter. You’ve been grappling with most of the hot digital analytics (and, honestly, digital marketing) issues of the day and taking the time to write up your thoughts and engage in real conversation. That means you won’t simply be “regurgitating what you hear” — you won’t be able to help *but* really ponder what you’re seeing/hearing and providing a thoughtful take on it.

  4. Jan Exner says:

    You have my vote!

  5. Tristan bailey says:

    I’d give Peter the thumbs up as he knows data and he knows people and can talk about it to an audience

  6. Gerry White says:

    Yep – my vote too …!

    Pete has managed to do an awesome job with engaging the community of digital analytics in the UK to create what could only be described as one of the single must attend UK Digital Analytics events, Peter also has the critical understanding of advanced analytics and the business side that is often missing in analytics people.

    Gerry White

  7. Andrew Morris says:

    Peter would make an excellent roving reporter as his friendly yet inquisitive manner would get a comment or answer out of everyone

  8. Temina Moledina says:

    Peter O’Neil is the man for the job. He’d be great!

  9. James Gurd says:

    Hi Peter,
    You get my endorsement as well. As someone who contributes a lot to the analytics and optimisation community and has a genuine passion for what he does, I think you’d do a superb job of reporting and distilling the information.
    Just make sure you give me a nudge to read the interesting stuff!!!!

  10. Peter D says:

    I agree with both Tim and James. Peter makes outstanding contributions on the subject and I always follow his feed for informative and reliable information, up to date news and insights.

    I cannot recommend Peter enough and hope you offer him the opportunity to represent the independent facts and report from the event.


  11. Jim Sterne says:

    Peter is becoming the center of the analytics community in London. Just think, Adobe, of the lost opportunity cost of NOT having him be your roving reporter!!

  12. Chris Mathews says:


  13. Peter is definitely the man for the job. +1 from me too.

  14. Peter is the man for the job; not only will he report on the summit, he will make useful contributions and interpret the information in terms of the relevance and implications for the analytics community.

    Highly recommended (and a great competition entry I’m sure you’ll agree Adobe…)


  15. Alex says:

    Hi Peter,

    It would a crime to award the opportunity to anyone else.

    However, extra votes from all the analytics folks in Tallinn (EE) are assured to make it a one-horse race.

    Best of Luck!

  16. Billy Dixon says:

    Thumbs up from me.

    Billy Dixon

  17. dan barker says:

    +1 . They’d be mad not to. I look forward to reading your updates, Peter!

  18. Montse Cano says:

    Inquisitive, knowledgeable and friendly disposition would make of you a great reporter. :)

  19. JK says:

    You get my vote

  20. Sara says:

    Take Peter, he will be a great asset and joy to work with

  21. +1 Peter’s the man…

  22. Alison Smith says:

    Peter’s great knowledge and experience means he’ll give a balanced view of events, and his writing is always very readable, informative and entertaining.
    Judging by his ever-enthusiastic tweet and blog output, he’s well up to the task!
    Go Peter!

  23. You certainly would be my first choice, Peter. Honesty + loads of experience in our industry. Just what honoured Adobe in their US Summit choices.

  24. Nicolas Malo says:

    Peter, you have my vote, too! I cannot imagine Adobe Digital Marketing Summit without your updates and point of views!

  25. Peter O'Neill says:

    Thanks to everyone who has commented and recommended me, Adobe announced Thurs evening that I had been selected as (one of three) roving reporters for the London Adobe Summit. So I will be there, tweeting, blogging and wondering around asking random questions. Hope to see you there…


  26. Nicolas Malo says:

    Congratulations Peter! See you at Adobe Summit!

  27. Vikki Galvin says:

    Well done Peter , I will be showing my colleagues at work Monday .
    We should see if the university would like you to talk when you come for a visit

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